We’re growing up thinking that whoever has more deserves your loyalty more, the determining factor is money, influence,what I can get out of it and convenience. Accept that loyalty doesn’t exist unless you bring value to the person/people you expect it from.

Allow Yourself To Be Uncomfortable

For any real change to occur, you must first become aware of what you need to get done, after that, accepting what you just became aware of is as important. Only then, will your base be strong enough to push through whatever adversities come your way.

Complaining Isn’t A Sport Stop Practicing It So Hard

Do you wake up every morning complaining you can’t go to work or meet up with friends? I’m pretty sure that you were complaining before going into quarantine that you hated Monday’s too right?

For Best Results…

¨I feel manipulation and self preservation through dishonorable acts is a gargantuan separation of any moral authority to pass judgment on someones genuine fight at pushing through life in an honest battle to come out the other end, unscathed by corruption and a weak character.¨

You Forgot To Blame Yourself…

Trying to make this a habit, hope you reading these posts becomes one as well. Learning to read in bursts further than 140 characters, it could build yours (your character)! Help your brain get new wrinkles, learn something!