Allow Yourself To Be Uncomfortable

For any real change to occur, you must first become aware of what you need to get done, after that, accepting what you just became aware of is as important. Only then, will your base be strong enough to push through whatever adversities come your way.

Las Economias de La Solidaridad

Las economías de la solidaridad son inexistentes, aquí no se trata de economizar nuestro tiempo, ahorrar nuestro dinero ni mucho menos contemplar mucho. El plan perfecto es de pasos firmes y bien marcados. El Give-Away más poderoso es darnos a nosotros mismos por el bien de los demás. Por favor, les imploro qué se involucren, sea alentando personas que estén pasando por un mal momento, en alguna institución formal, creando algo nuevo, no debemos seguir desconectados esperando que alguien más solucione las cosas. ¿Qué corona tenemos nosotros que alguien más debe de atender nuestro mundo?

Learn To Take An L(oss)

That L became a huge win for life, no justification or concession makes you a winner when you’re stealing, it will never be a true W(in), dirty money, social statuses or other comforts coming from this are merely bribes for your own conscious, nothing more, empty validations, hoping to appease your most private self.

Dealing With Uncertainty

The world is always changing not collapsing, stop using dramatized or absolute terminologies to add weight to your statements, it’s detrimental to your mental health. Don’t ¨collapse¨, change with it, because with most certainty it will replenish itself and move on, so prepare yourself well enough to do the same.

Complaining Isn’t A Sport Stop Practicing It So Hard

Do you wake up every morning complaining you can’t go to work or meet up with friends? I’m pretty sure that you were complaining before going into quarantine that you hated Monday’s too right?

Stop Giving Automated Responses…

Hopefully in these lock down times we’ve been learning many things, I’ll highlight one that’s probably on everyones list; human interactions are fun, they are cherished, they make memories, let’s work on making better meaningful conversations on whatever journeys forward from here.