Leaders: Powered by Values

You’re either in it for the good fight, our you’re just a closeted follower posing as lead to gain acceptance from fellow charlatans hoisting each other up in your tiny yet loud conformist and superficial reality. Harsh, yes.

Some years ago, I was having a conversation with a close friend who was worried about the opinion or maybe even being judged by a small group of people for doing the right thing. Without thinking my question to him was, ¨Why do you care what a small group of 300 people believe when what you’re going for is a sincere betterment of thousands?¨ A fairly obvious question, I thought to myself, not an epiphany of any sort. You may think 300 is a significant number, a little perspective; the average person meets 10,000 people in their lifetime, and there are over 7.8 billion people in the world, 300 is a small number. Now my comment wasn’t meant to be dismissive to his concern; I aimed for him to have a challenging reflection on that specific topic in that particular context. Knowing people at whatever point and spending time with them doesn’t necessarily mean you’re friends, acquaintances are a lot closer than people we meet but not as close as friends. The average person has 16 friends for life, so again, why would you concern yourself from being judged by someone who doesn’t know your values? As a clarification, I have my set of values from which I strive to live my one hundred percent of the time, it’s what I believe in and defend, but by no means am I saying by this that I am on a moral high-ground over other peoples set of values. We’re all so trigger happy all the time; the need to clarify warranted. Now that I got that out of the way, there is no value in stealing, no honor in cheating, no merit in corruption, and no win in the life of those who live to gain from the misery of others, directly or indirectly. By the way, my friend did the right thing, he made the hard decision, it’s never easy going against the grain.

A true leader becomes one because they take the risk of saying the hard things and choose to enforce values in every communication act they are a part of. Regardless of the backlash, a true leader puts values first, and a sincere awareness of his actions and his character are a prerequisite for the position. Leaders must never spread lies, hate, or instill violence of any sort, not through a strategy for personal or political gain; you must always be a beacon of light and spread values. Something else, leaders are specific. This specificity allows for productivity, a measurable plan, and, most important of all accountability. The boogie man blame game has become so often used that he’s busier than Santa Clause on Christmas night. 

What has developed your beliefs of abundance, wealth, success, confidence, happiness? Why do you feel the way you do, something happened to shape that? If you are not aware of what shaped your beliefs, you are not in control. You live in a prison of automation and bias, unconscious reaction, incompetence, and you must be aware of what shaped you. Someone that takes on the responsibilities aware of what they will face has a clear panorama of all the things above; they know their character and exactly where their values lay. Authentic leadership isn’t about basking in the glory and relishing on external attentions, the point on any crucial task will always be the last person out when all the lights have gone and nobody around to take the picture. 

Energy dissipates without structure; if you want to cause a change, there has to be structure. If people behave a certain way there is a structure that formed that behavior, was it a positive one or a negative one, we’re we part of the influencers? Did we selflessly use our power, or were we selfish and morphed groups of people for personal gain, or of a particular party? We know what all the local influencers are doing how they dress, eat, behave, all these endless giveaway’s we have going on lately. It’s more critical without dismissing the pop-influencer gang to know the people in the community who are the influencers doing the work to make everyone’s lives better or worse. We must take importance to know these people; these leaders or fake leaders, which there seem to be more and more of every day, will affect our lives. Why have we allowed them to rise in the ranks, have they? Easy what can be done now with social media and a budget, or the lack thereof. Learn to distinguish between the fake and the real; let’s not be easily fooled by the shiny objects, not this generation, not anymore. What do we need to happen to stop being beat to the ground repeatedly abused, where is our indignation box or loud chants for justice? We love watching from afar how others do it, as if it were a movie we get to enjoy without repercussions, well we in each community live in our film, will it have a happy ending?

Leaders that talk a lot about the outcome without talking about values, you must be wary of. Leaders that talk about values but have shown time and time again to have none, we must be critical of. If, as a society, as a country, we don’t get shared values, then we will never get changed behavior. If you don’t discuss the values to acquire wealth if you don’t discuss, don’t lie, cheat or steal, if we’re not clear on the values, the way we pursue things can be easily corrupt. This way of life is also obviously applicable in our family group if, by example, we lie, steal, and cheat, but our words say the opposite; we all know how that will end. 

Someone who has chosen to lead or took a leadership role unwillingly or wanted it must have pure intentions and a reluctance for being a protagonist. Although contradictory and through the corrupted eyes of years and years of a deteriorated system, some may say idealistic. A true leader will never blame others before himself or misinform the many in mediocre fashion to appease their consciousness. What role do you play in your family? Are you the leader, do they look to you for the answers, or who is that person deemed necessary to assume that role? That should be your model for outside leaders, nothing less; the bar should be higher as the nation’s stakes will undoubtedly have an intense backlash on your personal life.  

Be a leader, promote leaders with values, compromising so much that we have lost sight of what is essential for human development. Respect for life has to lead us from this chaos where a no-win scenario is the best option. Unfortunately, some believe that a hard reset on society would be the best formula for a positive change. We got that hard reset, and it brought out the worst in an already deteriorated community. How many chances do we get, how many opportunities should these leaders get? I will always be a naive idealist, before being a participant conformist of fake leaderships, that’s just disastrous and pathetic. If I should feel more insulted from my way of thinking than someone who reads this and thinks that I’m mistaken, please rethink your life. 

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