Chase The Happy Not The Wealth(y)

You can’t fix regret! Do you want to wake up one day and find out you’re 80 years old and know everything there is to know about all the celebrities, fashion brands & Netflix shows, but kept your vision on hold, because you didn’t want to waste time pursuing a silly dream? What good has that empty content you consume faster than I do a Chuck & Charlies hamburger done for you in advancement towards anything productive? Entertainment? At the expense of what? Not following your happy, living in fear that you’ll never have someone else’s dream has set us up to a no win scenario in which not even Ethan Hunt can get out of. Resentment and regret are a waste of time, stop making excuses for your slacking and your fear of failing. Spending hours on social media ogling at someone else’s life gets you nowhere, nowhere. Followup; the anxiety you get isn’t from social media, it’s from your insecurities, you subconsciously trick yourself and let it affect you. Stop letting fakeness and strategically placed advertisements scientifically targeted to spark your consumption make you feel inadequate for not having the standard life

What if the top athletes in all the major sports had decided that they should spend more time wanting to watch someone else’s lives rather than practicing and perfecting their craft? Do that now for singers, painters, writers(insert praying emoji), actors, entrepreneurs, inventors, all these people in history that spent their lives changing the world. What if they had decided that what they thought was too hard or impossible, uninteresting, ridiculous, shouldn’t be pursued? Sam Walton (Walmart founder) drove himself in his little truck town to town, laughed out when he proposed his business, I’m guessing it was a good idea perusing what was making him happy, Walmart wasn’t Walmart when he started. Finding your happiness doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a struggle, have some failure or enormous external pressure to quit, it means you’ll keep going despite those facts. 

Seriously, the only thing that differentiates the dreams that you see and admire from other people and your own, is that they actually executed, were patient enough and focused enough that they tried, stuck to it and kept going through the tough. Nothing more, no secret formula or gifted futures from some genies. Another misconception about success, is if your happy doesn’t go worldwide famous in a day, or even go viral in your town even-though you think it should, you failed. There was less of a probability of you being born than there is of you not achieving your goal, that’s something positive to think about. Think of where your happiness lies, is it in a worldwide phenomenal company/product or is that just your pre-programed ideal of success you’re trained to pursue because, recognition + wealth = happy?

We must as a society change the conversation once and for all from money, we’re in a pandemic and people are still trying to one up each other to overshadow whatever the last one did. It’s scary to see that we have learned very little, and care even less to reflect on our wronged paths. I’m sure that as some read this, they will think I have a chip on my shoulder or some sort of social resentment, using that to undermine my opinion. That’s just you searching for an excuse to continue your unapologetic, superficial, egocentric behavior, I have tons of empathy for you and wish you nothing less of better things than I could ever achieve myself. This chasing the wealth is no longer acceptable, it never has been, but now, at this point in time priorities need to pivot. If you knew the story behind the picture perfect you’d know it’s nowhere to be found but in your head, it’s an illusion. Unfortunately it has become a communal decision to keep illusions going. Just like it has that whenever unwanted reality shines through to evidence something broke, the pile on of destruction comes, obliterates and uncaringly moves on. As for chasing the wealthy, problems don’t go away, struggles don’t go away, real struggles, not I can’t find my favorite brand of dry shampoo or my delivery charges are so expensive from all the online shopping I did. Real ones, problems at every level hit everyone the same way, real problems are real and anxiety over them is as real too. Having all the money in the world with everything that you imagine plus more guarantees no sustainable happiness, believe that, stop torturing yourself. ¨You’re crazy if I had all the money in the world I’d be happy.¨, revert to all those celebrities and famous people you follow. Many highly depressed, hard addiction problems and lots with very low self esteem and disappearing values due to an ever complacent relativism to satisfy everyone, and no one at the same time, an impossible task.

Playing it safe will give you a serene life probably, full of no risks and moderate rewards, you passed through life and it all passed you by as well. Jump on your project today, these four hours a day you scroll through pictures, diversify, use some time management, go and find how to videos and content on Google that will teach you how to start making your dream happen, block/delete expectations, this will consistently make you unhappy. We can’t predict what will happen every step of the way and preprogram a course of action to all possible situations that may happen, when you get to that situation, decide, move on to the next step and keep moving forward.  Your motor & driving force must be your dream, if your sarcasm doesn’t let you see it buy some organic, non GMO, cage free, free rage, BEEP free, no fat humility drops take a double dose, for the permission to gain some vulnerability and get going. Stop living the life that will get you likes and approval from other people and start living your life, find your happy.

Unless it’s a paid shot, and you have a reason to post some purse, watch, car or anything else, avoid getting your ego boost from a brand. This will never fill you up, don’t do it, your dependence on a market that has taught you to discard something seasonally will never be your ally.  Feeling so insecure that you need to show people that you’re doing good by flashing a logo isn’t a strategy that goes unchecked, people notice of course, but not for the reasons you want them too. You know it, you’re one of the people that say, “Such a poser!.¨

At this point in 2020 if we want to come out the other side, we need to have enough humility to take an L, and enough courage to try. You keep hearing for years that this isn’t the moment to dream, this isn’t the moment to pursue your new path, we must make sure everything is safe first. News flash, you’re in a pandemic, a unique opportunity because nothing is guaranteed, go out and try to juggle 20 balls drop 17 you catch 3, you’ll succeed in 1. Try, care enough and have enough patience to see it through, make it your own, the amount of success you achieve should be the amount of happiness you get from it nothing more, external validations should not have any weight on your internal validation, ever.

Our vision of happiness, success and wealth has become so skewed that by me saying that we truly validate corruption, stealing and cheating, for convenience; that will get more of a negative reaction than the illegal and immoral actions do. Think seriously how we blind ourselves so much, that applauding this behavior, participating in these acts has a higher consideration and validity than denouncing said acts or moving away from them. Convenience trumps values, over exaggerated? Pursuing someone else’s dream, someone else’s life, someone else’s reality will always have you chasing someone and never leading the way, even if it’s a small unbeaten path with just a few friends and your family, it will feel some much better when you’re 80, than just having passed life wanting to have someone else’s. Your happy will never be having someone else’s life or a hybrid of everyone else’s. I whole heartedly believe we will, most will come out better after a long hard think and reflection, let’s come back to basics, focus on the happy and chase after it.

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