Nature Finds A Way

I’d like to move away for a while from the utter monstrosity and chaos which is this pandemic the world is facing and being totally respectful of the many losses that have occurred to so many families. Also many businesses, traditional and new have seen very dark days, many shutting off their lights permanently at the lack of any clear panorama as to when the Earth will allow us to step outside again. Obviously the concern for this situation is something very serious and everything that is being recommenced by the competent entities and unbiased experts should be taken into account and followed to the T!

As I was writing my entry I wanted to have some background music so I started going through my Spotify playlists and saw the song I embedded into this post. Then I couldn’t help it, I put on the original *Jurassic Park movie and as soon as I started watching it I saved the post I was preparing and just pivoted onto this entry. In my head, this movie explains pretty accurately what’s happening in the world today and just how nature smacked us down full force and showed us who’s in charge. Even though we may have technologies in place that allow us to bend many rules in nature or defy whatever other sciences exist I think we as humans lack the discipline or maturity to undertake these responsibilities thus, launching all of humanity into this gargantuan cluster of destruction that some geniuses who thought knew better put us in. On purpose or not, they ignited a spark of widespread uncertainty. I’m not getting into the politics of this disaster, today the topic is another, what can be said and is generalized worldwide is our leaders are behaving with such arrogance and their competence has been exposed just as fast as this novel coronavirus infects, and the results speak for themselves.

After the initial cycle of not knowing what to do, questioning if this is real, asking why, speculating and pretending we can actually predict the future of what will happen. Everyone starts settling into the fact that the only thing that is real, the only thing that is certain is that we must survive. In the doorsteps of this disarray we resorted back into the comfort of consumption, I supposed it as another coping mechanism and from this is where I refocused from just noticing the herd purchasing of the top 5 must haves during Covid-19 quarantines and decided to look at all these new businesses that bloomed like nature in springtime. Much more positive and recomforting, this is how I tie it into Jurassic Park, in this case we are the dinosaurs, it makes sense in my head I promise. It doesn’t all fit in with the movie and not every representation from there to reality exists either, but what I found is nature finds a way, it’s fiction I know, indulge me.

I find it amazing and enormously infectious to see so many people starting new businesses. Many online stores or individuals working a new found craft or exploiting their already existing ones to a far larger level, doing so in order to create wealth to further prolong their check out dates from planet Earth. We as a humanity have an inherent need to move forward, seek and provide nurture for others; it’s what we are built on, to serve for the betterment of society. This position we are in right now accelerates our natural abilities and as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. As I said earlier in a post on my Instagram account (@bernsviga), 2020 is the year you are allowed to be bold, actually you aren’t only allowed you are required to be. This year we need our inventiveness to shine, no time for being complacent anymore, in a time of crisis we get a little delay mode time to slump and reassess. That time has come and gone, we must keep aspirational to our focus, if your old goals and new goals somehow align well, grind at it, if they don’t reevaluate and hustle double time. If you’ve lost focus on your goals and you’re there just waiting to see how everything is going to play out, how it will turn out. You’ve handed over your power to things, situations, whatever is dictated to you as an indirect order to follow.

We have an amazing personal power that grants us the ability to change our lives that’s for certain, now another huge factor that must be taken into account is the tribe we huddle around us. Our people must be at a constant level of brainstorming, ideating, communicating and most importantly be humble enough to ask questions. If we are a team of one, seek outside input, ask friends, family, strangers anyone that you think might give you an honest opinion to reach your objective, again, 2020 called, it said you have permission to be ignorant at something in life, you won’t be judged, go ahead and ask. Every successful person in history has one common thread that binds them all, they were curious, inventors, entrepreneurs, all these icons of past and present managed to change the world by feeding their curiosity and asking an incessant amount of questions, either rhetorically or with their tribes.

To all these new founders and adventurers allow my candor in expressing my admiration towards your courage and inventiveness, you’re inspiring. Even though we might not know each-other, permit me to applaud your effort and resilience, anyone that takes on any challenge of opening a business in pre pandemic times deserves much merit. Doing so in these times you are a champion and you will get through these times with your head high, nature will find a way, we are nature, we will find our way. Just like the dinosaurs in the movie, not in real life (insert worried sweating emoji here, followed by laughing emoji).

– So this all came from a song I heard, hmmm
*Jurassic Park (1993) one of my all time favorite movies, and that theme song, top!

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