Learn To Take An L(oss)

Before I get started, I sincerily hope you had an outstanding week, passed all the speed bumps and if you’re still going over them, keep going. I had my bumps too, but attitude is what makes the difference, stop beating yourself up, #figureitout move forward! You have all the tools you need, exploit them far more than you did those Dalgona coffee posts some months ago.

After those twenty seconds of positivity, I’ll subcategorize this into two perspectives…

Lose, over, fear

If you knew the outcome of every situation that has ever presented itself in your lifetime, would you have chosen everything differently or kept the entire path you took?

Another one…

If you could have a wish to never have one of these two things happen to you ever again, which would you choose, never to lose again or never to fear again?

Losing is a good thing, I’ve learned to not make the same mistakes because of this, I still misstep here and there. It has such a negative connotation, you fear it happening so…you freeze, and do nothing. Tripping when you are learning to walk is an L, signing the wrong contract and getting a crappy mobile service deal for a year is an L, pouring baking soda instead of baking powder in the recipe is an L, throwing up the buzzer beater in the finals and have it hit the rim is an L, the examples are endless. Name one lesson from just staying in fear? Overcoming it on the other hand is something downright empowering and of course life changing. If I was still fearful of publicly sharing my thoughts these 450 reads per post would have never been, and of course many out there get some more 0’s after my read numbers, which is outstanding, some of my goals lay there too. My L isn’t the 450 reads, my L would have been not going for it and trying.

We have got to learn to take an L in life, it overthrows whatever obstacle we may be seeing in front of us, risks are there to be taken, nothing has been achieved by sitting there and expecting the world to hand you whatever it is your sense of entitlement tells you that you deserve. Your cynicism all though sometimes funny it has a very thin line with being that huge protective covering that ¨free’s¨ you from taking your next L. You’re too good to take an L, prove it! Loud talkers and tough ones sit all hard behind the screen, very safe, and very comfortably criticizing the do’ers taking the L‘s, the ones making the sacrifices and taking the chances to make their critics small world much better. Full of the nice technologies and advancements that allow for that fearful existence to persist.

So for all the hustlers, take your bucket full of L‘s over to your next W(in), you just leveled up!

Power, over, egotist

It’s tough to decide which one of these two perspectives would be tougher to handle, egotists have a terrible time acknowledging when the L hit them in the face, and dangerously do whatever it takes to keep their mirage in play, which is similar in risk as the fearful all holed-up in their cave.

Hard truth, winning by any means necessary is a bigger L than any other, so if your mindset is that you get your way no matter what, you better check that. When I was in fourth grade, yeah a while back I know, I had stayed after-school and was hanging out with this kid, we saw an open window and he dared me to go take a book out. Of course, I went for it, didn’t think twice about it, got the book came back and he said, keep it, so I did, put it in my backpack and went home. When my dad got home, I showed off my new book to him, he looked at it, saw the school stamp and asked me if someone had given this book to me, and I told him the truth. Instantly his eyes got red, I thought he was mad, but he wasn’t, he got sad and teary eyed. He told me, that’s stealing, you stole something, and from this day on, anyone can call you a thief and they would be saying the truth. Of course he told me to go give the book back the next day and tell the teacher what I did, apologize and face the consequences, I was terrified after that talk but did as he instructed. Went back told the teacher the whole story and gave the book back, got detention and a long conversation about not taking(stealing) other peoples things. Went back home, told him what happened and he told me again to never forget, you steal one or a million, you’re still a thief. I was nine when that happened, I can still remember all the details, can’t remember the name of the book though. That L became a huge win for life, no justification or concession makes you a winner when you’re stealing, it will never be a true W(in), dirty money, social statuses or other comforts coming from this are merely bribes for your own conscious, nothing more, empty validations, hoping to appease your most private self.

So why does power win over egotist, when your values tell you that it is more important to do the right thing, with no rationalizations to validate your behavior this power is going to grant you the serenity and humbleness to bow down and take the L, learn the lesson and save face. Why would we continuously engage in behaviors that we know under little scrutiny would crumble, how important is it to feed your ego negatively? The power in this case is your morals/values, we need more of this, truckloads more, place more weight on them, but not the kind of value that fades away or that become obsolete and discarded, uninteresting. We hear it all the time it’s a nice song to sing, but with very little to no real merit to it, our values have been overshadowed by our comfort. The ¨insignificant¨ validations towards wrong-doers keep the broken system alive, thus the L‘s we’re taking as a whole are on us too.

How grandiose is the power to win at any lengths and how petty is the power to stop yourself from giving in to feed a corrupted ego. Paradoxical in a way, but intertwined at the core if the roots have been rotted(sounded like Dr. Seuss there). We must envision a future and work towards one that is much better than the current chaos that persists. I’m all for learning to take L‘s and overcoming adversities, but this is one L that I wholeheartedly wish we don’t take permanently. We got an enormous wake up call to mend our ways, we’ve been failing terribly at it across the globe, failing, continuously, comfortably failing, us the lucky ones that get that benefit, others paying greater prices. This enormous self imposed pressure to maintain a deeply flawed socially accepted status quo unmasks the hypocrisy that societies live when publicly keeping silent, thus endorsing those that do no good. The curtain has been pulled back and the stage has been revealed, the charades of days past no longer fool anyone but the foolers themselves that try obsolete tactics for the sake of their illusion. Take your megalomanic existence and your L, and *exit stage left please. We know what needs to be done to fix it, first leave the egos at the door, and now exercise our willingness, humility, selflessness and power necessary, we already have an enormous bucket full with L‘s of losses and lessons, enough of them to give us the crystal clear picture of what’s required to go and get our W(in)! Power over ego!

Call to action, use your weekend to start changing the world!

*Noun. exit stage left (plural exits stage left) (idiomatic) An orderly and uneventful departure, timed so as not to detract or distract.

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