Dealing With Uncertainty

Asking yourself multiple times a day, ¨What’s going to happen?¨ does nothing for you but put you in a cave of uncertainty. It’s pointless and a waste of the most valuable commodity, time. Shift the mindset! First of all mute the narrative! Move away from the news, formal or informal that add to your stress! Stop disguising your curiosity with the excuse of keeping informed, you’re just indulging in watching a bunch of bickering and pointless complaining from people that aren’t getting things done. Think about it, you’re wasting your time following them, stop. Ask yourself, what am I doing with the current situation and how am I adapting to optimize my efforts and refocus adequately to get better results for my new objectives? Functional strategies for dealing with all problems exist, we can’t control the outcomes necessarily but we determine how we deal with them and how well prepared we are at responding. Stop reacting to everything like a cat chasing a laser around a room, focus!

To deal with uncertainty you must first and foremost be honest with yourself! Only then will you be able to have a clear picture of where you stand, your priority should be having a strong base to build on. If it’s full of lies, you’re toast, you’ll have to work four times as hard keeping up with the lies and will eventually restart by being honest with yourself, save yourself the time. Immediately after plan out where you want to be, but, there’s a HUGE but here, your strategy must always be malleable, the world is shifting, you have to course correct with it. Set objectives, acquire knowledge, take a course online, read books, learn on Youtube, make yourself be better prepared for the path or paths you are choosing. What if the world keeps collapsing? The world is always changing not collapsing, stop using dramatized or absolute terminologies to add weight to your statements, it’s detrimental to your mental health. Don’t ¨collapse¨, change with it, because with most certainty it will replenish itself and move on, so prepare yourself well enough to do the same. If you’re sitting idly by not preparing and don’t want to face the challenge of navigating these choppy waters then be ready to answer this question ¨Why didn’t I try hard enough¨. That in itself is a useful exercise for your future and would be time well spent, peel away the layers of protection to find yourself. Quick tip, the answer is NEVER that you’re a failure, peel back some more layers. Many of the uncertainties that we live through come from constructs built in our minds from our past of who we are or who we should be. Understanding yourself isn’t a waste of time, or show of weakness, neither is talking about it. Doing so will will eliminate those hurdles that prevent you from moving forward thus giving you a better chance at an amazing life. Failing is always an option, prepare so much that you minimize the risk of failure, but it can always happen, know that. Stop doing nothing but loathing in the uncertainty, where has that taken you up until now? Googling what are the symptoms of anxiety?

Think like a big ship move like a speedboat. (author unknown)

Fear, not uncertainty is holding you back, we’re so terrified of failure and being judged that we’d rather hide with uncertainty for the rest of our life because it’s somehow more comfortable than trying. Steve Jobs before being Steve Jobs failed as the CEO of Apple, and was fired from his own company, he came back, gave us the iPhone and changed the world. I’m more terrified of letting the winds of change decide my future than at failing at something, after failing I’ll have learned one more way of not failing again. It wasn’t always like that, I’ve failed many times, biggest lesson learned, failing is trying but missing the mark, a failure is something that I’m not, get up and try again. I used to be comfortable with uncertainty, from personal experience, it takes you nowhere.

A friend asked me after reading my last post …¨What will happen if nobody likes the next post you publish?¨ Hopefully you the audience get far more rewards from reading these posts than whatever accolades I can get, that’s the purpose of this blog, to reach as many people possible and hoping to make an impact on at least someone’s day. What will happen if nobody likes the entry, absolutely nothing will happen, I will post another one on Friday, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, I will be very happy if for some reason someone gets motivated into something positive with their lives after reading this, but I won’t me unmotivated if I wasn’t congratulated or thanked for it. I just want to keep going and impact people into positives, the uncertainty of what comes next is a motivator not a deterrent. Fear and excitement are the same feeling, you can control this feeling, so next time you feel afraid, shift, and feel excited instead.

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  1. Inspirador, nunca lo había visto asi “Fear and excitement are the same feeling, you can control this feeling, so next time you feel afraid, shift, and feel excited instead.”

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