Complaining Isn’t A Sport Stop Practicing It So Hard

Do you wake up every morning complaining you can’t go to work or meet up with friends? I’m pretty sure that you were complaining before going into quarantine that you hated Monday’s too right? It’s harmless, it’s just a joke, stop taking it so seriously, just a meme, I’m being sarcastic. You’ve been kidding yourself for so long that you actually believe that this harmless repetitive behavior really is of no consequence to your psyche. You consider anyone who points this out as dull, judgy or lacks the understanding that it’s all just supposed to be taken lightly. I’m not too old to understand humor, this behavior just isn’t funny.

Now on the flip side, you scream and yell at popular social issues, that of course are of extreme importance and must be treated, corrected and dealt with firmly under proper channels of productive conversation and action. Your lack of candor to the betterment of these issues make it pretty tough to understand what your true intent is, is it to be seen caring so you receive empathy from people? By retweeting, reposting, sharing or resending you create awareness to the topic, what else did you do? Evidently that’s not enough, jump in the water or enjoy the view, but just complaining about it isn’t doing you any good and spirals you into bitterness. The point isn’t your lack of commitment to matters, it’s the repercussions this has on you. When everyone around you sees this type of continuous behavior they’ll stop listening to your whining because it just becomes the same type of noise as the rest bringing no value to anyone, and again, bad for your inner peace. The herd behavior here isn’t what’s important, that in itself is a huge cultural problem, what we should leave on the table is how important it is for you to stop your individual behavior for your own benefit. This need to dwell on different situations creates sinking life rafts that will take you lower every time.

Given the current situation of the world something that is pretty evident is we’re all facing adversities, your coffee being served too hot, the girl you like not thinking you’re as interesting as you think you are, the politician stole some more money and of course the most important one, you’re boredom. All ludicrous when compared to someone that is fighting for life after being shot and mugged, seeing their children’s eyes filled with hunger because they haven’t eaten in two days, loosing your house, job or a relative. Does that even need more explaining, stop justifying your need to pander on these foolish things once and for all. You say you know better and when you’re challenged you give the proper response to save face, but as the saying goes…watch what I do, not what I say. Your behavior is your best tell, your sense of entitlement tricks you into thinking that your silly complaints are warranted, it also permit you to just complain this one time, again.

This fictitious ability you think you have to moan and protect yourself from becoming a chronic complainer and seeing life so negatively isn’t real. Catch yourself before you go off on another rant, first of all, I would suggest analyzing why this issue is even in your radar, how does it affect you, what will happen if you just let it go, when did you start ¨caring¨ about this? I think complaining is an addiction you feed off of, that just like getting likes on social media, it gives you little bursts of dopamine with a false sense of having achieved something. You become so difficult to please after becoming a habitual complainer that the cycle will be never ending because nothing will satisfy you.

If you’ve been reading this feeling attacked you know it’s not aimed at anyone, obviously, and I’m aware it’s a flawed, imperfect view, not applicable to all situations and there could be many better ways of describing my thoughts and more eloquent as well. I’m ok with being flawed, there was a time I wasn’t though and I would quietly hide from that fact by keeping silent and afraid to give my opinion. Complaining about the world is the best distraction from the harsh face smashing truth, we’re just as flawed. My ability to speak my mind doesn’t come from a magical formula of pills and hypnosis, it comes from two simple truths, my faith and being honest with myself first and foremost, after you do that, dealing with outside chatter becomes a piece of cake, sometimes its horrible old-school grandma Christmas dried fruit cake, others it’s an absolutely delicious 3 layer chocolate chip cookie cake. I’ve got plenty of defects and my need to be perceived as perfect has left the building so long ago, from my mistakes learn, and we’ll eventually get into many of them to help not trip on the same stones. What you must keep in mind is that by complaining you bring no benefit, non, not a piece of microscopic productive attention to anything with real actionable and constructive consequence, unless you follow through to make it better, if you take no action it means you really don’t care, face that truth, it doesn’t make you less of a good person to not be involved in every issue. What would make me feel great is knowing that someone stood up, did a shoulder shake dance and dropped that complain rock to the floor. If you decide to let go of that negativity and punch through you will, once you decide on something you become so strong and unstoppable, this phase in your life will only serve to become that person who’ll reach your hand down that rabbit hole of hate and complaining to pull someone up out of there as well, that’s true purpose.

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