I Don’t Judge…

Oddly enough it’s the preface of any judgment we give most assertively, followed by a highly descriptive annihilation of someone or something.

Disclaimer: I'm about to totally judge this but don't judge me back for doing so, please.

The message above was a social disclaimer so as to not be stopped from being able to keep ahead with our authoritative opinion. Let’s settle this, saying ¨I don’t judge.¨ is just about the same as saying ¨ It’s none of my business, but.¨ You’re granting yourself permission to judge on something and feel ok about it afterwards because you said you weren’t doing what you’re doing. Judging isn’t the problem, the problem is condemning anyone or anything, which is what’s ultimately important not to do.

Judgment is the precursor to response.

Unless you can somehow deny this statement you must make peace with the fact that you judge everything, every day of your life. That’s why it’s so important to educate ourselves and inform ourselves, not go through life like a captain-less sailboat drifting at sea wherever the wind takes us. The popular phrases of…¨ Live and let live.¨, ¨ To each their own¨ and ¨ It is, what it is.¨, I personally dislike and don’t use because I consider them the to be incredibly selfish and a way of distancing myself from people instead of embracing anyone that may have a different opinion than I do. Most everyone says these things as a pat on the back to freedom, and probably mean them in that sense, but if you deconstruct their meaning and observe your actions, sometimes all you’ll be doing is from a distance aplauding without getting yourself involved.

Learn to listen to other peoples opinions, exercise your ability to tolerate something that completely defies all your positions, this will help you become a better person. Get off your high horse and level with whomever you’re interacting with, lose some of those egocentric layers to allow some fresh ideas to come into your head. Sitting across from someone and only strategizing how to obliterate their idea or persona is such a waste of both your times, also it’s being selfish and blindly judgmental. That, is where the word judge turns from having the ability to be understanding and compassionate, to the action of quickly concluding without legitimate reason.

I sincerely try to not be judgmental of people and situations, and of course epically fail many times, but what I do exercise daily is my ability to allow myself to be corrected and instructed by others. Having said this I stand firmly by my own convictions and beliefs from which I am very aware differ on many levels with my family, friends and colleagues. My ultimate desire for a better social reconstruction is a true immersion on issues, knowledge acquisition and in depth conversations that will give us an opportunity to be a healthier civilization but not for social conformity. How many of the yellers and serial posters do you think would actually sit on a table with their enemies to find common ground to build on? How many stick to an issue long enough to actually have more than a headlines worth of education on the issues they’re being so adamant about? We have to slow down enough to heal one issue at a time and we all don’t have to be involved in all of them like herds of sheep, we aren’t all privileged enough to be renaissance men and women with extensive knowledge of everything.

Next time you want to say the disclaimer, think about what you’re really doing, exercise your ability to recognize what path you’re about to take. It’s pondered reflections on your intentions for the conversation you are about to embarc that will in the fullness of time, develop an admirable character. Eliminate those judgmental assertions that can stir you in heavily burdened road where you’ll either end up yelling alone at the world behind a keyboard or accompanied by radicals that have become as blind as you, both not entirely positive places to be found in. Practice catching yourself before you go full blown *Colonel Jessup ordering Code Red’s and believing you are the bearer of all truths.

*A Few Good Men, good classic movie, watch it.

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