For Best Results…

Don’t sabotage yourself! You’ve got talent, hustle, educate yourself and refine your craft, most important of all…don’t miss your opportunity at greatnesses because of an overwhelming fear of failure! Recently I’ve been retraining learned habits & ignoring my predisposition to protect myself from not following whatever goal I want to chase. Often, we stop ourselves before we start, sprinkling everything with self doubt in order to prevent failure. Undeniably a very wrong approach at growing yourself into that awesome human being you have it in yourself to be. 

Stop! Take a breath! Think about your superpower! Give yourself some minutes of honest thoughts as to what makes you unreservedly astounding and how you can journey into a whole new phase in your life that will keep you in a steady stream of sustainable motivation. Stop self harnessing it, share it, you like being selfish? Your self worth and natural talent don’t come from outside acceptance or validation. Its only real catalyst is your conviction to cultivate the skillset you possess to grow into something that will make you proud.

Your best weapon at anything is always the least preferred option when we’re used to making excuses for whatever shortcoming we have to protect our feelings of inadequacy, be unmercifully honest to yourself. Call things for what they are, you wanna continue lying to the world well, go right ahead, not under my recommendation though, but really, don’t lie to yourself. That’s self sabotage, anything you build on lies fails, and if you manage to keep the illusion going for a while, you will continuously be exhausted from the two face hustle you have to permanently put on to everyone. Your best self sharpening tool that will always keep you moving forward is honesty, to yourself primarily. For those who raised their eyebrows, where you think that honesty isn’t the proper path because bending the rules has it’s advantages, that’s skewed, sad and empty. I feel manipulation and self preservation through dishonorable acts is a gargantuan separation of any moral authority to pass judgment on someones genuine fight at pushing through life in an honest battle to come out the other end, unscathed by corruption and a weak character. 

Treasure your values more than your inability to predict a compound measure of worth, thrown at you by multiple individuals passing endless circumstantially morphing judgments from a glimpse at your life. Stop sabotaging your greatness for bursts of acceptance, keep your awesome self, abundant for those of us who want to be inspired by your work, your story, your growth. Ever ascending character growth only comes from yourself, with who you are, what you want and what you are willing to do to get there.  For best results…be honest to yourself, always!

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