You Forgot To Blame Yourself…

An obviously odd statement that may or may not have gotten the attention of possible readers. When all you get from most supporters of the victimhood mentality is to blame others for the downfalls and shortcomings of your life, it’s the systems fault, your parents fault, neighbors fault, friends fault, bosses fault, governments fault…you know how it goes, the list is endless you could probably do a top 50 of things to blame before you choose to blame yourself. Now to clear things up somewhat before I get to many frowns from everyone and start receiving some hate messages (I really think I’m starting to get massively read on my second publication), my previous sentence on the victimhood culture should have served somewhat to set the tone on what I don’t want anyone to make as their life chant. Blaming yourself, at least what I intend to layout as self-blame is to have massive amounts, I mean insane amounts of self-accountability. 

Every day you hear people give these massive dissertations, truthfully unfounded (we will get back to that), but coherent ones, providing references as to why the world has decided to dump on ¨J. Jones¨. From childhood we start to naturally blame others for things we are responsible for, breaking something at home and blaming one of our siblings, crashing the car, had to be the phantom car that never existed that made you crash into someone else, getting terrible grades in school, it was the teacher who hates Me’s fault, so on and so on. It’s part of growing up and we might even chuckle remembering these experiences that we all participated in, meaningless we thought, non-consequential we were shown when we were not corrected by our elders or supervisors at those delicate formative times. No I’m not backtracking and giving you a backdoor escape on blaming yourself, but there are times when our compass needs to be fine-tuned, not permanently thrown out of whack at the convenience of a social normative of not taking personal accountability and slyly learning to get away with blaming others for our shortcomings and wrongdoings. This isn’t only detrimental to ourselves but also leaves us in the point and time where we are as a society today, disconnected. For the most part, at least the louder part that likes to scream and pout on how everything is terrible and somehow it must all change for the better, but who will actually make these changes. People are broken and not recognizing that we are with no ounce of a doubt part of the problem is the problem in itself, what would the gods of social networks say if they found out we aren’t perfect, oh no, less likes, less followers, is that really our measuring bar?

There is no tug of war between doing the right thing and having social acceptance, do the right thing and lead by being a proper example, society needs to recalibrate. Learn to recognize, and truthfully with all foundation (got back to it see), know where you veered off course and course correct. We are all born with morality in our DNA, wherever you’re from, not going into colors and categorizing humanity, when I say we are all, I mean all born, with a moral compass that steers right from wrong from the get go, our actions slowly deviate this said natural compass, skewing our perceptions until we make it so automatic that this engrained morality begins to get muted, read this before, yeah of course, it’s pretty basic, so why are you still having a problem determining, or acting on rather, the right side of what you should characterize yourself on.

SELF ACCOUNTABILITY, I think these two words should be on a poster on a wall at my office and in my living room, to remind me constantly that everything that happens to me is my own fault. Let me explain, probably getting those looks at the screen again, at any point in our lives, teens, older, oldest, really old and grandparent old all ages. How things affect us is all on us, nobody makes you dwell on situations, there is no imaginary gravitational pull only affecting you to weigh you down impeding us from moving forward. Of course, there are numerous hurdles out there higher, lower, coming in quicker than the last, but we can and should train, daily, constantly, all the time to bust them down. Think outside the realm of possibilities that pop up like the common words our keyboards give us now a days. When we are texting each other, the suggested word could be used, but stop and think, you could probably come up with a better one, easily, stop being lazy. As the late great Anthony Stark once answered the ever perfect Steve Rogers, ¨I would just cut the wire¨ in reference to when you get presented with scenarios it’s in you to decide how to work through them, if you fail it’s on you, if you succeed, don’t gloat, move on to the next venture. We can build ourselves to be limitless if we focus our energies on being better and stop forgetting to blame ourselves first rather than wasting possibly years excusing our pathetic behaviors on external circumstances. Work the problem, and also work on you!

*Cover picture explanation, if you don’t wash your hands, you’ll get the Covid, blame yourself!

**Anthony Stark (AKA Ironman), Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America) don’t limit where you can learn things from just because it’s not a traditional learning environment where you’re getting knowledge from.

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