Moving Forward

The idiosyncrasies of movers, industry of which I´m a part of for the past 20 years, is to always be thinking to move, move people, families, companies, move somewhere. Even though it’s normally manifested in a different contextual definition of the word moving, I choose to self impose this analogical train of thought and adapt it for motivation during these atypical times.

Every job we process through our company we take the usual steps that are necessary to confront all situations in life, assess the situation, revise and calculate the risk and reward, confer with others and get their feedback/support, asses the best way of going forward, manifest your proposed plan, reconfirm that your action plan is sustainable and in the best interest of all comprised, execute, observe patiently, work through the situation as you hurdle over external adversities that are out of your control, adapt, respond, act, reach out and perform to the best of your abilities executing the final leg of your plan to reach the best outcome given the aforementioned preparation and scheduling you prepared, receive your feedback and if its warranted, your reward. To all those in our industry, you went through all the steps in a move in your head lining up each step mentioned to our industries natural habitat, those outside our world did the same to theirs and their lives.

Everything is the same, there is nothing different in a world full of people needing to move forward, the scale and intrinsic value of each industry or life project belongs to you, your hustle, nobody else’s. In the times of Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, novel Coronavirus and whatever other name you need to give this pandemics perpetrator, the survivability of your world will depend on how self aware you will be to break down your steps, maybe the ones I exposed above are completely wrong for you, which is fine, take the time to do you, write them down as a first step in starting to move forward, focus more on that, than nitpicking the fact that I used too many commas and maybe run on sentences, that will bring you no real tangible benefits, you will build nothing on belittling my efforts to provide a grain of salt to our motivation to move forward. Caring for each others well being and making some efforts to support one another is the exceptional superpower that we can all have in rebuiding the world into a new reality, let go of the nostalgia of going back to our reality, it was deeply flawed, we were thrown into a speed round of new life, new me of sorts, let’s appreciate the opportunity and grind through the hardship, it’s there. it’s not going away, put it in the past, find your steps, revamp and move forward!

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